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Care Home Safety Policies & Procedures

At Victoria House our customer care strategy emphasises:

  • Understanding the needs of all our Service Users
  • Making sure we are caring, friendly and welcoming to our Residents, their families and friends.
  • Listening to and learning from our Residents and other people’s comments and complaints as part of our commitment to be a learning organisation.

Care Home Safety Policies and Procedures

We Are Committed To:

  • Protecting victims, witnesses and the community.
  • Helping the person responsible to recognise the consequences of their actions and to learn how to change their behaviour as appropriate.
  • Putting in place measures to prevent it happening again.

We take anti-social behaviour very seriously and will act promptly to deal with any allegations of anti-social behaviour. If you see or suspect any incident of anti-social behaviour or abuse, please speak to a member of staff about it.

Performance Reviews

We will produce a report each year on our performance against the service standards and will commit to an action place to be put in place across the next 12 months to improve performance.

We will develop a training and support programme each year for our staff to make sure they are best placed to provide quality services and maintain a safe and comfortable living environment.


Residents can speak to the Manager about any concern or complaint they have. If this does not deal with the matter, they can continue to follow our complaints procedure. We will give residents a copy of that procedure upon request.

We actively welcome suggestions that may improve the quality of life for our Residents. We also need to hear what we are doing particularly well. If Service Users whish to make a suggestion, or would like to tell us about something that they feel is particularly good, they are encouraged to either talk to a member of staff or write to us. It is only through feedback that we can make sure that we continually improve our service.

Access & Information

We will make sure that all Residents have easy access to the service and information. We will give all Residents a copy of the Victoria House Care Home handbook. We will provide a list of our policies and procedures (concerning services) within five working days of the Residents requesting it.

Representatives & Advocates

Service Users are entitled to seek a “representative” to support and resent their views. The representative may be a family member, a friend, an independent voluntary ‘advocate’ or a professional such as a solicitor.

The representative can come to meetings and can also be invited to take part in the needs risk assessments and Care Planning of Service Users. The idea is that they are there to make sure their voice is heard.

Resident Involvement

We are committed to offering Residents meaningful opportunities for getting involved. This approach includes:

  • Setting up the Residents’ forum
  • Introducing a Residents’ survey each year
  • Regular meetings for Residents and their families.

We are always looking for opportunities to improve the ways we involve Residents.


Consultation, Learning & Improving Our Service

We will ask for, listen to, and respond to the views of our Residents and develop our service to meet the needs of current and future Residents.

We will monitor and update (if needed) our service standards every year, taking account of the view of Residents, advocates, families, staff, volunteers and regulators. We will arrange and hold a Residents' meeting at least once every four months. We also provide all Residents an opportunity to take part in a survey each year.

Care Planning & Risk Assessment

Planning care and assessing risk gives us a full picture of the needs of our Residents. Upon providing a care plan, we ask Service Users to sign the document before producing a copy for them for confidential filing.

We will not share this information with anyone outside the Home without the Service User's permission, except in an emergency when we may need to share details with emergency staff such as ambulance crews.

As the needs and any risks associated with our Residents change over time, we will need to review the support that we offer, to make sure that it continues to meet needs of our Service Users.

We carry out this review (like the initial assessment of needs) as a partnership between Residents and our staff. We will record the review in the Care Plan and every six months or more often if we, or Residents think it is needed.


We will discuss medication with all Residents. They may take responsibility for their own medication, or you may decide that the staff will take responsibility. Their preference will be noted in the personal Care Plan.

Victoria House has a medications policy dealing with prescription and non prescription drugs.


To keep to the law, Service Users must not smoke in the shared areas of the Home. The Manager will explain to all residents the dedicated smoking areas.

Fire Safety

All staff members are given mandatory training on fire prevention and evacuation policies. Victoria House Care Home is equipped with modern fire detection and alarm systems, with "Fire Exit Notices" and "Emergency Instruction Notices" strategically placed throughout, as advised by the Fire Department. All systems and alarms will be tested weekly by staff of the home. Records are kept of all testing as part of the proprietor/manager's responsibilities.

Service Users are also informed of the emergency procedure during admission.

Staff are also trained in raising the alarm, evacuation points and the use of fire control appliances such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers. All fire fighting equipment is checked on an annual basis by a qualified fire extinguisher maintenance engineer.

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Anti-social behaviour is behaviour that could cause a nuisance or annoy any person (including Residents, staff, visitors and neighbours). Victoria House is concerned to deal appropriately with any behaviour that upsets Residents, affects its ability to manage the Home and may break the law.

The aims of this policy are to make sure that we follow a consistent, fair and clear approach in the way we deal with anti-social behaviour. This behaviour includes:

  • Intimidation and harassment
  • Physical abuse
  • Noise nuisance

Safeguarding Adults (Preventing Abuse)

We believe that every Resident has the right to live their life in a safe and protected environment and to be free from abuse. We will:

  • Watch out for any signs of abuse or harm
  • Help those who have been abused or harmed
  • Deal effectively with those who cause or inflict abuse or harm
  • Train all our staff in recognising and dealing with signs of abuse or harm.

Move-On Policy & Procedure

We want to be able to support Residents to stay at Victoria House for as long as it meets their needs and those of their fellow residents.

If the needs of our Service User changes and it is no longer possible to provide the level of support that they need to stay safely at Victoria House, they may need to move on to more appropriate accommodation. We are committed to making sure that we are consistent with any process and procedure relating to Residents moving on.

We Will Consider Whether You Need To Move On If We Believe:

  • We cannot meet the care needs of the resident.
  • An assessment shows that the current needs of the Resident make them a risk to themselves and others.

We will aim to involve all residents fully in any preparation towards a move. Any representatives or supporters will also be able to be involved if preferred. We will also involve any other agencies working to support the Resident if this is necessary.


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